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Get Help When Moving

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If you have ever had the opportunity to move long distance, it is a lot of work. Not only is it a lot of work, but it can take a very long time. For many people the problem comes when trying to balance your regular life with the stresses of moving. The simple truth is that you do not have to be alone when you are moving. You do not have to reach out to all the neighbors. Read More»

How To Pack A Refrigerator For Moving Day

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Your refrigerator is one of the central appliances in your kitchen and your home and has the size and weight to back up that fact. On moving day, the large size and hefty weight of your fridge can prove to be a challenge, especially when considering the fact that if your fridge is not properly prepared for transit, it can become damaged and no longer function properly. Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your fridge is properly packed and moved without any headaches on moving day: Read More»

Building A Moving Day Toolkit: Four Essential Items To Include

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When moving day comes around, you want to be as prepared and organized as possible. One way to do this is to build a moving day toolkit. This toolkit should include essential items you will need to make it through the day. Purchase a large, heavy-duty plastic container, and use this guide to help fill it with the tools you’ll need to make your move go smoothly. Moving Binder A moving binder should have all of your essential paperwork in it, from a copy of your new lease to the estimate provided by your moving company. Read More»