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How To Organize Your Business' Storage Room

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Whether you run a small brick and mortar store or you have an office space, there's no doubt that you need to have a storage room to put some of your things in. For instance, even if you just run an office, you will need to store things like extra printer paper and office supplies in it. While if you own a small brick and mortar store, you will need extra space to put your inventory in. Rather than having to trip over everything every time you walk into your storage room to find something, there are a few ways that you can organize your space. 

Step 1: Declutter

The first step in any successful organizing job is to declutter everything. Because it might take several hours and make a big mess, just make sure you do this on a day when nobody is around. Then, go through everything that's inside of your storage room and start to slowly get rid of anything that you don't use. You may be surprised by how much extra stuff is just lying around. 

Step 2: Sort

Once you have often rid of things you never use, it's time to sort through everything and make organized piles. For instance. if you have tons of things of paper for your office, then place all of the paper in one big pile. When you have like things organized and in one spot, it will be easier for you to put them away and make a storage room that's easy to navigate through. 

Step 3: Invest In Organizational Tools

Now is the fun part: you get to shop for organizational tools like wire shelving and boxes. Wire shelving is especially good to use in spaces like storage rooms because it is really durable and can hold a lot of weight. Plus, you can always mount the wire shelving units to the wall so that they don't fall over or injure anyone. 

Once you buy wire shelving, you need to buy storage boxes to put everything in. Depending on what you're storing in them, you may just want to get something simple like cardboard boxes because they are affordable, but if you need something more durable, then you can pick something like a metal basket. 

Step 4: Organize

Once you have everything in place, it's time to get everything organized. One tip is to get some labels to put on every box or to place under every wire shelf so that you know exactly where everything is at all times. 

To learn more about wire shelving, reach out to shelving manufacturers in your area.