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Moving Estimates: Types And Tips

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One of the first things people do when they want to move is to get moving quotes. A moving quote can help you budget for your move, but only if it is accurate and you know what type of quote it is.

The Types of Estimates

Here are the major forms of estimates you may get from your mover.

Binding Estimates

A binding estimate guarantees you that the estimate you received is what you will pay from the move. The movers will issue the binding estimate based on the weight of your items. Note that the binding estimate is 'binding' to both parties. Therefore, you will pay the agreed price whether the actual weight of the items exceeds or falls below the weight used for the estimate.

Non-Binding Estimates

Just like binding estimates, non-binding estimates also depend on the weight of your items. The only difference is that the non-binding estimate is based on the actual weight of the items, and not an estimated weight. For example, if you want to move a ton of goods, the moving company will give you an estimate based on the tonnage. However, you may have to pay a higher moving fee if the weight of the items exceeds a ton on your moving day.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimates

A binding not-to-exceed is like a hybrid of the two forms of moving estimates above. In this case, you get an estimate that the mover cannot exceed even if your actual cost of moving rises (that is, if your items weigh more than you thought). However, the price can go down if your items turn out to be lighter than what you had estimated. The binding not-to-exceed estimate, therefore, gives you the upper limit of what you can pay for the move.

Tips for an Accurate Estimate

Whoever type of estimate you want, there are a few measures you can take to make the estimate as accurate as possible. Here are some of these measures.

Get a Walk-through

An over-the-phone estimate is more likely to come out erroneous than an estimate that involves a physical inspection of the items. Therefore, get an estimate from a moving company that can send a representative to inspect the items you wish to move.

Make a Complete Inventory

Make sure you know everything you want to move before the movers arrive. Account for items in your backyard, storage, or items you might have loaned out to friends or neighbors. That way you won't think of something last minute and ruin your estimate.

Include Additional Services

Many movers offer additional services such as temporary storage, packing, and cleanup. These additional services are not included in the moving quote. Consider all the additional services you want from your mover so you can get a complete quote.

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