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How To Handle Your Coast-To-Coast Move With Ease

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One of the longest moves you can ever execute without leaving the country is the relocation from one coast of the U.S. to another. Such a long move is bound to have challenges that only the most experienced movers can overcome. Keep these tips in mind when planning such a move:

Don't Go the DIY Route

DIY moving is sometimes possible as a way of saving money, but only for short distances. Don't try to manage your move alone if you will be relocating from one coast to another; the stakes are high. For example, you will be passing through territories with different laws and regulations (such as loading laws), different road conditions, different weather conditions or even different driving styles. It is best to let a professional moving company, especially one with experience in interstate moving, to handle the move.

Know Things That Can't Cross State Lines

Secondly, you also need to know what you can or cannot carry through the different states you will be passing through. Don't just consider your destination state; as long as you will be moving your items by road, you need to consider the rules and regulations of all the states you will be passing through. For example, even if you can bring your houseplants to your destination state, it will be difficult to carry them if one of the states on the way will not allow the plants to cross their borders.

Know That Every Little Cost-Cutting Matters

Distance and weight are some of the factors that determine your moving cost. Since you will be moving thousands of miles, it follows that your moving costs will be relatively high. Since you can't trim the miles, you can manage your moving costs by trimming the weight. This is the best time to de-clutter and get rid of every item you haven't used and won't be using for some time. In fact, for a coast-to-coast move, you should know that every cost-cutting measure is important.

Be Extra Careful with Packing

As previously mentioned, your items (assuming they will be delivered by road) will be passing through different road conditions. There will be a lot of uphill and downhill driving; the moving trucks may even encounter some poorly maintained road surfaces with potholes. At the same time, the items will also spend many hours on the road. This means the moving boxes should be carefully packed to avoid damage on the road. This is one of those cases where your items are best packed by the professionals.

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