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Looking To Start A Resale Business With Clearance Items? Get Storage, Organized, And More

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If you are interested in buying clearance items and selling them online to make money, you have the potential to work from home, make good money, and to be your own boss. The key to doing this well is knowing what the different items are worth and having a good storage plan. There are a lot of things that you want to consider and ways that you can make a lot of money. Look at these options to get updates on stores in your area and to make the most money.

Learn Local Store Schedules

You have to find out the local store schedules to know when they mark down items so you can get these items that are tossed into the clearance area. You want to find out things like:

  • How many times an item is marked down
  • What days of the week what departments are cleared for new inventory
  • What days new shipments come in

This way you can go to a store and search the different departments on the right days, and then you don't have to waste time walking around the entire store.

Get Barcode Comparison Technology

You should have an application on your phone that will scan the barcode of an item you see marked on clearance and then tell you what the item is selling for on online, like on Amazon or Ebay, or even at other stores. This helps you determine if you can make a good profit on the item and if you can sell it quickly.

Get a Storage Unit

You want to have a storage unit to store all of this inventory quickly and safely and to keep it organized. Use color coded bins to help keep everything separated, and talk a the storage facility, such as Elkhart Moving & Storage, about these things:

  • Temperature controlled units
  • Security measures and locking options
  • Insurance options for your unit

You don't want to keep everything in your home because this could make you a target, and it can take over all of your free space.

There are a lot of ways that you can make both small and large profits when you purchase things that are on clearance at the stores in your area and then you choose to sell them online or through local garage sale sites. Take these tips into consideration as you are ready to start your business and when you want to start turning over profits and earning money.