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When Your Office Lease Is Up, Here's How To Handle A Move

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While many people decide to continue a lease on their commercial property at the end of a lease term, sometimes you've got to move. Either your landlord has not extended the option of continuing the lease, or you've decided that it's a better business strategy to move on. Either way, there are some things you must do to make this move as smooth as possible. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

First of all, with a business move, be sure that you have at least a few months to coordinate the move. It's not like a residential move, which may be a fly-by-night experience. You have to let your clients know you're moving. You've got to give the post office plenty of notice. You need to get all of your bills switched over to the new address. Plus, you have to find a new office space and pack and move everything, all while keeping your business operating as smoothly as you can. You're going to thank yourself for providing a generous timeline for completing all of these tasks. 

Reevaluate Office Needs

Whether the move was your idea or not, it's a good chance to reconsider what you need in an office space. Has your company grown or shrunk since you last signed a lease? Did the previous location offer the right amount of foot traffic for your business? Is there a feature you really need or don't need in a new office? Was the cost of the lease eating into your profit too much? All of these are things to consider when you're choosing a new space. 

Pick Movers Wisely

Commercial moving services vary a lot in cost, so get a few estimates. Most movers will come look at your office and see how much there is to move as well as if there are any items that will require special moving equipment. Things like breaking down workstations may require an electrician if the desks contain more than the simplest electrical wiring. Your moving services can help you set a reasonable timeline for packing and moving. They will also provide you with reusable moving crates ahead of your move. Some companies are willing to take care of junk hauling for any equipment you're not planning to relocate to your new office space. 

Commercial moving can be a big task, so feel free to reach out to movers or real estate agents as needed when making choices about your office move.