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Trying To Get An Employer Paid Move For Your Relocation? What To Know

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If you are relocating for a new employment position that you took, and your new employer has a moving cost benefit in the package, you want to ask very specific questions before you sign the paperwork and accept the deal. Not all moving companies are the same, and what they are planning to offer you may not cover the cost of the move. Here are some of the things that you want to talk about with a few of the moving companies you plan on using, and with your current employer.

Total Moving Package Quote

Call to find out what the cost will be for movers to come into your living space, pack everything carefully, load it and then haul it to the new location. To get an accurate quote you want to include:

  • Size of the house you currently live in
  • Distance for the move
  • Date for the move

This is some of the information that you will need to get the most accurate quote for your upcoming move.

Max Amount the Employer Will Pay

Find out what is the max amount that your employer will pay for the move. If you can't get the majority of the move covered, and you don't want to spend a lot of money out of pocket, you may have to work out a better deal with your future employer to make the move more practical for you.

Find Out if Full Coverage Insurance is Included

Your employer may not want to pay for the most expensive insurance option, and instead pay for a lesser more affordable option. If they don't pay for the best insurance, you want to make up the difference, or talk with your employer to explain to them why you want to have the full coverage insurance for your belongings.

The easiest way to move is to have a professional company, like Bekins Van Lines Inc, come into your home to use their moving supplies and pack all of the items, and then to let them do all the lifting and organizing into the truck. Their drivers who are used to driving the large commercial moving truck get the items to the new location with ease, and then the professional movers do the unloading into your new space. Talk with your employer and the moving companies that can help you with the process to get the entire move covered at their expense and not yours.